“Palliative Oncology:” My struggle….”Don’t take the Care out of #PalliativeCare”

Espero que cunda


Care“Palliative Oncology” has gained some traction within the Cancer arena with the increasing focus on early integration of Palliative care!

Don’t get me wrong! I love the focus on Palliative care in Oncology but I still struggle with the concept “palliative oncology.”

For years we have heard the concept, “if it’s not curative, it’s palliative;” “Palliative chemotherapy;” and “palliative radiotherapy.” But the reality is we cure few diseases in medicine. But it is important to ask what we mean by a cure.

Five (5) year survival does not represent a cure. In fact most men in the US diagnosed with prostate cancer liver longer than 5 years but we still do not have a cure for metastatic prostate cancer. A disease is curable (not a person) if the population of people who get that disease die of something else. Yes that is a public health definition. Node positive breast cancer…

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